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What is ecpay ?

Ecpay is a cloud based fintech platform integrated with digital wallet to provide seamless payment experiance to all.

How ecpay works ?

With the digital wallet enabled, an ecpay user can do payments for multiple products and services with a single balance.

How ecpay help business ?

Ecpay help the business owners to start multiple business in less time and less investment. 

Why ecpay is special ?

One of the best payment portals of India with 10 plus services and growing…

Connected industries

Multiple industries are connected to our platform and we are keep on adding new. Telecom, Banking, Tours, Travels, ePayments, eCommerce…

Is ecpay secure ?

Ecpay is highly secured cloud platform using Bank level security. We are using latest technology firewalls, data encryption methods and 24/7 monitoring.

Single Wallet System

Business on your fingertips


Both web and mobile applications for easy access and operations


Fast in response. Payments are just few clicks away


Cloud based bank level security enabled platform


Best support from professionals around the clock

Single Wallet

One balance system helps you to do every service in less investment


Ecapy keep on adding new services, which will increase your earnings.

One Stop Shop

One balance, multiple service !


Domestic and International flight ticket booking with discount and markup feature.


Best tour packages to domestic and international tour destinations.


All recharges available from single wallet balance. Web based recharge, fast in response time.

Money Transfer

Instant money transfers to any domestic bank, anytime, anywhere, 24/7 !


Auto, life , medical and term insurance are in a single place. Best margin and easy process

Utility Bills

Everyone need to pay bills. Ecpay powered with BBPS, Bharat Bill Payment System.